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in the wider middle east area if the situation in syria continues contagion is the very risk why the west right now is hesitant to intervene because they know if you go into a country like syria you have no control over what's going to happen in the neighboring countries. in the center of attention and levanon so that's why right now the west does not want to intervene because the one of the spillover but it's not the perfect opportunity to work with iran if i would just look at syria i would think. that that's now the time to get in contact with iran but if you look at the current news. threatening more and more in conflict with iran threatening to attack the nuclear sites within iran with the threat growing by the day and i'm still not confident that israel is really keeping at bay until november. it's very difficult for me to think about getting in contact with iran but at the same time there's this threat of military attack on iran interior and might. seem to back
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off the talks that started so hopefully in moscow for example earlier this year so . the problem is that we're not having syria as a problem alone we're not having peace very iran is a problem in the rhone we have turkey because conflict there's escalating everything at the same time so where do you see the future of this argument between israel and iran if tel aviv would be rational. i would be happy and think nothing's going to happen because i think military attack on iran could be nearly suicidal for israel. considering that with all the change in egypt in the neighboring countries the tech like this you don't know how the region will react and if netanyahu be rational i would be happy and safe and think no they won't dare to unfortunately i'm not sure that that and you know is that rational i
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mean he's increasing he's really increasing his tanks israel attacks. and i'm afraid his calculation might be before the us elections i can attack iran a bomb has to back me after the election he might not want to back so the gives us a really really bad chance that the netanyahu might attack in october as soon as october starts with an attack and the question is how an attack from. tools we know clear science in iran how will that develop. i'm not sure it will develop in an all out war but i mean attacks on israel will happen then you don't know how to react with a street of formals whether they will close it or not that would definitely start an all out war in terms of germany's role what job is that germany to do germany could really change a lot in that region it was. germany nine years ago to to mediate in the conflict on the not the program it was germany who moved to three plus three talks in the
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beginning in two thousand and three when i'm talking now to. the region when i went to teheran couple of months ago i mean everybody thinks the german should play a better stronger role unfortunately this government just plays. the us courts so whatever the us does they follow it and they don't have any initiative on their own what kind of initiative would you like to see the first thing they could easily do is deescalate the conflict with iran i mean they could really go three four five steps towards to iran and say ok. now we believe that you stopped the military nuclear program in two thousand and three so that we're lifting the sanctions and we are engaging in human rights talk and economic talks and this and that this journey just lift sanctions is that not purely a symbolic act you know it would be much more than symbolic because the u.n. sanctions are rather small and then the e.u.
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sanctions are much much bigger i mean the oil embargo that's very bad in germany was sort of the powerhouse behind the on the border they could easily have said in a ok we postpone it for another six months postponement not lifting that would have been a very strong signal to turkey. they could have started negotiating. to me to move on that i mean i really forty with my own government said what's the problem with with a moratorium for three months for six months or deportable for that because they just follow the us line here they don't have their own policy that's really bad at i think the other thing is weapons i mean german arms exports biggest in the world after russia are on the u.s. . and they should stop selling weapons in the region and that involves saudi arabia as well as israel as well as other countries and they are still sending every kind of weapon to the region what would you like to see from the german government's
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foreign policy right now i mean if they would do nothing at all i would be happier than what they are doing today i mean officially they're not doing much but then we suddenly can read the newspapers that they sent a spy ship you know that they are monitoring everything that they're helping the rebels against the assad regime they are taking sides in a military conflict and that's exactly wrong i mean better would be if you don't do the right thing do nothing thank you very much bush speaking. you're welcome. wealthy british scientists i'm. not on the title.
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long rows of eaglets line legally we have to get up every morning we have to go to work and you know we have to pay our bills and we have to do it and i think that's just the american dream and if you want the american dream you have to go by the last i figure it's here's one of the major trails in to the united states on. my watch and they run run down my property and something about this noise. well there's a little. notice from everyone here is protecting the country i'm going to go doesn't mind goodness sturdy so i come out you know we're all immigrants as well know that we all came from somewhere else.
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syria rebels declared the villian a pool thought the in the latest target and one that international flights shouldn't straight anyway near the countryside to largest city. to push for a no fly zone over syria and the activists waving as far away as germany both for and against assad's regime led actions of speaking louder than words in israel as the country launches a massive war propaganda campaign along with emergency drills. sponsored getting attention all the wrong reasons at london's of paralympics and among the disabled activists as a forum which they say humiliate them as a key back case. right coming up as the latest from the world of sports with kate.
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hello welcome to the sports update on this action packed saturday and these are the toughest really. top form in form to write when to want to remain to go joint top with champions and eight in the russian premier league. while sailing through maria sharapova moves into the fourth round of the us open to stay on course for a second grand slam title of the year. on the baltic coasts jenson button claims his first pole position for mclaren on the first three years off to an incredible qualifying session for the belgian grand prix. but first a football and my goodness isha grabbed the late when i asked her to want rubin to go joint top of the russian premier league watched on by russia coach fabio capello as he kill and ourselves put the business ahead thirteen minutes in the chat strike at left fourteen home off the pinpoint cross but. who left off. well i'm side went
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all out in search of an equaliser but will make a way to do midway through the second half sullivan wrong on putting the finishing touch to their food body to attack but rubin's efforts came unstuck after the three shots not winner in the dying minutes while the twice former champions then lost defender salvatore book too late bookings including a handful they say falls. wells well alex a ball struck light on to help ten month old at salvage i won one draw at home that our stuff got a lot not opened for the visit just just nine minutes in first off capitalizing a defensive slip up much the bosnian was soon denied a double up to see his penalty saved on volga goalkeeper a ban. on the north. rolled up went down to ten men from then on up and they saw a red but they didn't give up and level from a set piece with three minutes to go as second bottom of the put an end to their
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five match losing streak and then at two points behind fellow struck this yourself . and in the last game of the day. after thirty five minutes to give the lead fellow retitle side a lot but the home side have levelled through punch christie in the twenty two minutes to go. well on friday night alexander scored a second half crazed champions an eight one three you know what you don't get to those three point the top young or opened after twenty five minutes then ten minutes after the interval because of course you get to know the scene and now that he's six goal of the season. to victory tonight now i need to recreate five wins from seven but my dosia from bottom. wells where russians are angy have agreed to sign france midfielder the son of the are off the rail madrid the twenty seven year old has some debts to medical before joining the free spending dagestani
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club for a reported to be of more than six million dollars a three year deal could be on the cards for the r.f.u. has also had spells at chelsea and arsenal. well to fill a vacancy left by the our way out have brought in michael essien on a season long loan from chelsea the twenty nine year old gone the storylines with manager joe as a marine you know do over so as you join in the blues back in two thousand and five . while in the english premier league west brom went third and remain unbeaten after winning two notes home to everton shine long and gas mccauley netted in the second half to end the top these are under the start of sunderland they returned steven fletcher school of each office but ten months ones he then fought back twice to draw two two and they say second promise of grass grabbed the late equaliser as norwich drew warne want to top them who are yet to win a league game under manager under us andy carroll set up two goals on his debut and then went off injured in west ham stream know what london dobby win over fallen
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prey to the late level or a stoke twice came back to draw to see what we're going to fall champions manchester city and not playing host. q.p.r. in the late game. fall in monaco on friday right about falcao scored a first half athletic overtrained thrashed chelsea four one to win the super cup the writing you write from the winners never let their opponents get into the match . that goes for the hour before gary cahill late consolation the courage champions league winners. it was difficult for us to be champions coming back lets you don't win two if you serve a day where it seemed that we work hard. and we have to accept where we are in hardly understand the levels and want to improve them when they really got into the game. that the most disappointing aspect of tonight in. with a big you know position that we would like to live with penetration and. tennis now
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and so i can see that nashville has written for a while the more new lady yankovic's to reach the fourth round of the u.s. open the informed pole converted her first match point to win in straight sets while later reigning wimbledon and olympic champion serena williams will take on one seeded russian elite after the end of a car while maria kirilenko is up against and their love of the czech republic. top seed roger federer and olympic champion andy murray are the highlights of the men's draw and both face spanish opposition in perspective. while on friday third seed maria sharapova cruised into the fourth round with a comfortable straight set win over american mallory but best the russian won twelve of the last thirteen points to at odds six one six one she said it was her game plan to get her opponent early in what was potentially a tricky encounter. expected her to go. that emotion she came out as pretty groundstrokes. folks to go for.
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my opponents of them quite different from ours two rounds but she was certainly something that could be dangerous if you could take the time to do what she likes to do and go over hours. the way they want to formula one now and jenson button has claimed his first pole position for mclaren after a scintillating qualifying session for the belgian grand prix it was also the britain's first pole since monaco in two thousand and looking and on an amazing day it sparks our drive at coming we thought by our she took second to clinch the first front row start of his career while williams pastor maldonado was third then can't be right can answer your best with standings leader fernando alonso ferrari six red bulls mark webber was seventh but will start twelfth after a quick penalty behind defending champion sebastian vettel. it's been quite a long time since i got my position that's back in two thousand and nine monaco i think so. yeah it's pretty emotional you know some days of being good for the past
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few years but some of those of. not going perfectly you could say so a great qualifying session it's you know it's so important to come back after the break of such a long break. with a good result and certainly one of the races tomorrow but this is this is close to winning the grand prix for me it has been it's been so long. well russia will have to wait until twenty fourteen before hosting their first formula one race but this summer they did host a stage of the world superbike championship for the first time and this was in no small thanks to you two russian entrepreneur exam which doesn't it but half of reports. when you talk about more sport you think of formula one how if it speeds speak to kill or we're taking in dangerous maneuvers you're after then look no further than superbike.
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finally russia had a chance to taste some high octane too will action when the superbike world championship game to moscow for the very first time owner of the mortar sports team alexander was the driving force in bringing this sport to the country the russian on to printer sending in ten year deal to host the event at the mosco raceway pressie what's portable collaterals like your i'm always asked why i did that is more a sport that popular in russia superbike is twenty five years old broadcast worldwide with half a billion viewers there are lots of fans in russia and we will increase that number that's a huge business project and of course we expect to make a profit. himself wasn't a motorcycle fan it was his wife nine years that who was into the sport and inspired her husband to establish a team somewhat surprisingly there were only female writers in the squad at the beginning but soon be turned into
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a business isn't what it is he's not quite sure how it happened my husband watched me racing step by step he got into it and got addicted grinning superbike to russia became his girl let's listen you know as i can see it all started with my family and became a massive project one of our former female drivers is now the team sports director my wife is now more into airplane racing but i don't have any plans to hold such events yet the team has truly transforming into now it fit to ready to compete with the superbike giants and they have their sights set high in the saddle this quad aiming not just to take part in. world championship but also to climb upon the podium on a regular basis but i'm glad. i got into the team into an eleven when we competed in the italian championship and move very close to taking the title this is our first season in superbike we had a lot of ups and downs but we are working hard to improve our performance. twenty
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five year old who on earth is competing in the second race supersport category and his already finished on the podium twice in his debut season one of those blazing came on his home circuit at the weekend. thank you everyone it was a really good race one of the best this season i would like to thank my team and fans for support it was amazing. with emergency team and super brakes and moses continued presence in formula one this stage is set for russia to know we can agree on the motor sports scene and finally get to grips with the need for speed on sunday forty. and finally russia's paralympians are up to fourth in the medal table after claiming straight goals on friday and in athletics. won the men's discuss with a world record throw. out all that took gold in the weather and long john and. took
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the olympic title in the men's two hundred meters russian i have five goals in life behind china australia a little. post ask why. you know his secret laboratory tim kirby was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn amount anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and world this is why you should care watch only on the dot com.
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syria's rebels too expensive or you may also have the latest target and while that international flies that shouldn't treat anyone here the country's two largest cities. turkey is poised for a no fly zone and it was a real sense activism rallying of baldwin and germany both for and against the assad regime. actions that speak louder than words of israel as a country launches a massive more propaganda campaign along with him and he will. love the sponsors are getting attention for all the wrong reasons at the london olympics and among disabled act and stand up for him which they say humiliates and the keys back into the game.
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it's nine pm here in moscow you're watching r t with me to mom what's a civilian airport in syria in the cross haze of the country's largest rebel group the free syrian army in a statement on its facebook page the group says of the a pulls in damascus and aleppo were hosting military flights were part of an alleged on smuggling network for the government earlier this month of the rebels way and it doesn't go the full u.s. made and to air missiles launchers the delivery thought to have been carried out by the rebels in western backers via turkey the strong condemnation the editor of the independent website of syria tribunals says the rebels tactics are beyond the pale . the rebels saying that they are attacking civilian airports now is just one more step in revealing that actual terrorist nature because it's against every law in the world to attack civilian airports for whatsoever reasons i'm actually surprised
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they are still enjoying this support when the international community sees the rebels slaughtering people civilian people in the street and throwing them from their office and still support them this gives the wrong message to the rebels that whatever they do they will still enjoy this twisted support at the moment the free syrian army is not heavily armed well enough to win any battle against the syrian army the syrian official army just like what has been happening in the past months but it is definitely heavily armed enough to harm civilians and to endangered the lives of many syrian people and of foreign military intervention in syria would spell total disaster for the peace effort in the country that's according to the u.n. peace envoy to syria lakhdar brahimi he made the statement just a day after taking the baton from his predecessor koffi annan and as r.t. the son a boy can report if the position echoed by moscow. meanwhile russian foreign minister officials have already commented on this latest development the deputy foreign
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minister again at a good deal of. rats like these is a direct result of the new responsible policy to arm syrian rebels in the mean time he was russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov was talking to you. thank you once again reiterating that if international players are really interested in trying to board and to bloodshed that they should apply pressure on both sides of this conflict as it says it's your those demanding that could be chill ation of just the government forces in syria while at the same time the urging the opposition continue fighting this position is based on the fact that these forces are ready to pay an extra price which will be a huge number of human lives to go abroad he also said that when it comes to goals international goals in syria russia has absolutely no disagreement with the west russia also wants to see syria free democratic stable state where the main
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disagreement lies on the means of achieving that goal and whether it could be done through violence and on this international intervention or whether it could be done through diplomatic efforts and internal syrian dialogue. recent pushes for military intervention in syria why no fly zone have mobilized both pro and. around the world in germany's financial capital of frankfurt about a thousand demonstrators gathered demanding an end to foreign meddling in the civil war correspondent peter oliver was at the ready. but here in frankfurt in the square in front of the opera house a crowd of around a thousand people have gathered to demonstrate against foreign military intervention in syria they have been waving the flag of the syrian government at the moment the surfeit syrian flag also bearing signs with the face of president bashar al assad they've been shouting their slogans in favor of the president and
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his ba'ath party however there is a small number of and see assad's. assad protest is just over there now there were some heated cautious as early on between the two groups the police have now moved in to separate them but the vast majority of people as they say just around a thousand it is growing throughout the day as this protest continues here they are against foreign military intervention they are in favor of bashar al assad may have come out here today to frankfurt to voice that opinion about you know. do you know i'm flooded we're here to expose the lies about syria that the being shown to the rest of the wounded the dead that are being shown were killed by terrorists getting blamed on the sun sponsored by nato the u.s. . also condition. and you can stay up to date with it the details that peter is a twitter stream. now there are both how it's not only syrian ex-pats demanding an end to the interference in their homeland but also the
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citizens of neighboring states follow peter's twitter feed for me. there appears to be a wolf in sheep's clothing among those who finance london's paralympics i have to recite angry that a firm accused of wrecking the lives of thousands of disabled people is trying to burnish his image by sponsoring the games how does laura smith the reports on what exactly is course the outrage the paralympics of the ultimate display of troy over adversity a showcase for people who've overcome disabilities and to chief something amazing but hanging over this event is the shadow cast by may just.


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